PyrateWeek/PyrateCon Daily Post #1

Ahoy all! And here it is, my very first post from the heart of all things pirate (well, for this week anyways) – New Orleans, LA! I’d hoped to begin my daily coverage of PyrateWeek sooner, but two unfortunate circumstances intervened. First, my condo’s modem is fried, and second, I’m still recovering from a nasty bout of the flu, which has sadly forced me to bow out of most of the PyrateWeek happenings thus far. I was unable to assist in the volunteer efforts, and ditto of the late night debaucheries (but I’m well on my way to being in full gear come the weekend, fingers crossed.)

That said, tonight is the No Quarter Given Anniversary Party, which I have no intention of missing, so hopefully I can begin my substantive coverage tomorrow. But meantime, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m in New Orleans, alive and well, and looking forward to meeting up with those of you that can attend, and posting here for those of you that can’t!


3 thoughts on “PyrateWeek/PyrateCon Daily Post #1

  1. Problem #1… modem. Eeeeeaaaahhhhhckskskskkkkkkhkhhk bbbeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaap bluoop bloop.. “Signal was lost”.

    You don’t have to lie to use, mate. You’re at a Starbucks right now with all the hippies writing poetry on their laptops, aren’t you. yaaaar =(

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