Seriously – A bottle of rum, this guy’s shed, and I could die happy…

I’ve seen my share of piratey home-improvement projects, but if the photo below is any indication, Reg Miller’s shed is the granddaddy of them all. I mean, how many of you aren’t looking to stalk him already, just so you can become bestest friends and hang out in his backyard all day long? From my experience, dumpster diving is a great way to learn about a person’s interests. And nothing says “hey buddy, let’s be friends” like late night phone calls.

Read the full story at the link below. And hey, Reg – please don’t blame me if a handful of pirates take my joking too seriously and start staging chance encounters with you at the laundry mat. Instead, just take them home and use them for extra decoration. And if you eventually get tired of them, stop feeding them and they’ll soon wander off.

Reg Miller’s Pirates Of The Caribbean-themed lair wins Shed of The Year 2010 | Mail Online

9 thoughts on “Seriously – A bottle of rum, this guy’s shed, and I could die happy…

  1. Didn’t know there was a competition for Shed of the Year. Will wonders never cease?

  2. Well now ..efin thar not be some competition out thar..Good thing Eye have the property and will have the tyme when Eye retire to finish out my cove project.. An on going love till Eye die sort of Hobby at that… Mean While My hats off to Reg , for has done a fyne job.. So Now I beg the question..Has Bilge seen what I have built so far?

  3. Aye Bilge!
    ye need t’see me brother in piracy, Oderlesseye’s , right proper, n’ thunderin’ pirate’s cove. Why- there’s even mermaids!
    It’ll have ye right droolin’ it will….

  4. Love the lagoon look of it, but it’s so….”themey”… I want to see a place that looks like a pirate would live there. To put it another way, a cowboy wouldn’t have pictures of cowboys or things that say cowboy, it would look like a ranch or a saloon with period looking furniture, etc. Love the enthusiasm Reg put into it, not a fan of pirate kitsch.

  5. Shed competition???! I guess if ye got a good tool ye build a good shed or’ it.

  6. Hell, I’ll take pirate kitsch any day over ordinary suburbia! Bring on the cheap plastic jolly rogers and Captain Morgan’s rum signs bought at Spencers, says I!
    (Although, to be fair, it looks like this bloke has gone well above and beyond that standard)

  7. I agree, this is way better than banal suburbia, but I think there is another option… My hat is off to this “shed”, it’s an oasis in a desert of unimaginative spaces, but I am dying to see someone that went the piratey route without caving to the kitsch…

  8. I too have heard tales of Oderlesseye’s grand pirate estate…methinks I’ll be stalking him instead.

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