9 thoughts on “The Curtain is Drawn, the Munky is Revealed…

  1. Yaaar very nice documentary thar Bilge. You live extremely clean and organized for a pirate and I must now pull your pirate card. It will be returned to you as soon as the smut and filth returns as well.

    Nice piratey set up.. yaaaar.

  2. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

    we all know the Bilgemunky lives in a dark, rum soaked, pirate lair amidships!

  3. Yeah, I’d be a little suspicious that the office really looks like that during a Monday night broadcast. No sign of the multiple empty rum bottles, the cat or a half-eaten plate of nachos.

  4. Loved the documentary, mate! I have to know, what was that pirate ship screensaver I caught a glimpse of off to the side on your computer screen? It looked wicked!

  5. Yarr! I was there at the Rip Tide show!

    Bilgemunky did the pirate community proud, and caught the attention of many potential pirates. Most had no idea pirate music had such depth and breadth.

    I simply enjoyed the music and the rum.

    Congratulation on a great show Gerard!

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