The Golden Age of Piracy Five-Coin Silver Set

Crikey and yarrr – it’s Five Freaking Coins minted in honor of some of our favorite pirates. They look gorgeous, but I can’t be sure. Somebody email them and say how much you would appreciate it if they submitted a set for a Bilgemunky Review đŸ˜‰



2 thoughts on “The Golden Age of Piracy Five-Coin Silver Set

  1. Hmmm…they leave out Anne Bonny and Mary Read, yet include Calico Jack, even though they note he ” is best remembered for two women in his crew”.

    And you know why – those woodcuts of Anne and Mary aren’t exactly flattering…

    *seething quietly*

  2. I can see how that might initially seem insulting, Bess. But I’ve never known a woman to thank you for publishing an unflattering picture, so minting a coin is right out. And I for one wouldn’t care to cross the likes of Anne or Mary.

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