The Marty Scapegoat Immaculate Collection

Marty, we don’t know where the heck the winds have blown ya of late, but yer sorely missed!

The Bilgemunky:

More Marty videos below!

Keep to the Code:

Scarlett the Queen of New Orleans:

Heavin’ Over the Edge:

Stars in the Sky:

4 thoughts on “The Marty Scapegoat Immaculate Collection

  1. I LOVE MARTY! He’s the first musician that wrote a song just for me! He is very talented on many levels and is an all-around good pirate to boot! (pun intended)

    I LOVE YOU MARTY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Capt’n Scapegoat!! Where Be Ye??

    I just found yer port on Reverb Nation and LOVE “Sirens Singing On The Shore”!

    We Want MORE!!! Get Yer ARRse Back Soon!!!

    Fair Winds matie!

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