The Pirates Charles on the Radio…

Fun video, but Capt. Diggity looks entirely uncomfortable. I think the poor bloke has demonstrated that he would never have survived aboard a real pirate ship – I’m certain he pulled several muscles during this performance while restraining himself from dancing and flailing his arms about. This man definitely wasn’t built for cramped conditions.

The Pirates Charles on FHF 97.1 Free FM

5 thoughts on “The Pirates Charles on the Radio…

  1. I’m forbidden from viewing myspace at work, so I’m guessing this is the St. Patty day show of Frosty, Heidi and Frank (if not, funny story anyway).

    To my understanding they actually “Pirated” their way onto that show. They didn’t get any confirmation to show up but they did anyway. I mean who would dare deny a pirate band on the biggest drinking day o’ the year?

    There they stood, playing their songs out in the parking lot until security actually had to act like they were doing their job. He asked what the heck the band was doing and he was told “Playing for the FHF show”. The guard let them in and down the halls they went. Playing their tunes as people looked out their doors and what could possibly be going on. They even destroyed that crappy music you hear in elevators as they played floor by floor.

    When they got to the studio the charles were pushed into the green room until the heads could figure out what was going on (still playing, mind you). Luckily, FHF were so drunk (per usual st. P day) that they let them on anyway.

    I really enjoy when two loves come together. TPC and FHF. Hopefully TPC will do that again this year. Even if Frosty is a giant ho cake. Frank would surely let them in if they offered him some seaweed.

  2. Double post here so apologize.

    The Pirates Charles played a show on Monday night (why I was a absent for roll call in the IRC) and as a tease I’m going to say their new songs sound great. Keep yer eyes out for the new album coming out soon. I can’t tease with a date though but it’s worth the wait.

  3. Hey now Bilge, give th’ Capt’n a break, I saild with The Priates Charles aboard ship once and they do JUST FINE on deck, true as oak now, They ROCK’d ‘ell outta that ship!

    Me thinks it was th’ crapy Raido Rum what made Capt’n Diggity ill that day, ‘n th’ ground , she not even be moven!? Aye, bet they fed th’ band some stale hardtack too they did, most likely slipped in by one o’ them landlubber bands!

    I will sail The Pirates Charles any day!….might even let Fiddlewench stear th’ ship…but we would have t’ alert all th’ pedestrains on the dock first ;p

  4. Beggin’ yer pardon, Mad, but I surely meant Diggity no disrespect. I’ve seen the bloke on stage, and now I’ve seen him in a cramped radio studio – Diggity is one performer that’s clearly most comfortable when he’s free to jump around like a mad man, and it was this quality I was intending to poke fun at (with the most friendly of intentions, mind you.)

  5. Indeed, Bilge is a scum-tongued rotten son-ova-bitch who spreads gossip in order to impress women. And I appreciate yer defendin’ the good ol’ Cap’n here, Mad L. You’re a good man, and ye can sail with me anytime.
    It’s true I had my sea legs before my land-walkin’ ones. But Bilge’s assessment that my poor demeanor was due to cramped conditions, it’s the truth ye speak. But I’m pleased to see ye made no mistake, in thinking I cant hold my own when the conditions are real. There’s nothing I love more than life at sea. The conditions are hard, the work is often grueling, the space is cramped, and its the most beautiful life I’ve ever tasted.
    So I’m pleased that everyone here is in such good accord. Otherwise I’d have to whoop some ass.

    -Cap’n Spoo Diggity

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