11 thoughts on “There Can Be Only One

  1. I fear for the real pirates with Stede Bonnet, Calico Jack amd Kidd in their ranks.
    How about replacing them with Ned Low, Henry Every and l’Olonnais? They could just diguise themselves as Bonnet, Rackham and Kidd. Rules be damned!

  2. True, but bear in mind the fictionals have to face each other before they face the factuals, so it hardly matters. Somebody has to be knocked out in the first round, so it may as well be Stede, Calico, and Kidd.

    I like the results so far!

  3. I am quite surprised that there are 22 votes so far. I think that’s more hits than my site receives in a single month!

    I know there are other pirates out there that I didn’t include. I was thinking if this really takes off, maybe we can retire the winner and replace that name with a new-comer? Then we run the whole gambit again.

    Any suggestions on how to make it better the next go-round?

  4. haha this is a funny idea Red. I’m going to go out on a limb and say most everyone is lame for picking Pirate Roberts as the 100% winner of that fight.


  5. Ha! So much for this being a fair event. Looks like over 200 votes have been cast for Jack Sparrow to lose. I didn’t think a person could vote more than once using this program. Oh well.

  6. I agree, Red. Seeing that there are four times the votes in that matchup than any of the others, I’d say somebody found a cheat.

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