We Are Pirates – a Tribute to Running Wild

Although their influence in the larger world of PirateCore is surprisingly minimal, there’s no doubt that Running Wild were trailblazers when it came to mixing piracy with contemporary music. And their influence within the world of pirate metal is beyond doubt. The metal band Orden Ogan decided to pay a little tribute to just that fact with their song and video We Are Pirates. It’s pretty fun. Oh, and if you’re wondering who the old guy with the 80’s hair is, and why the chicks all clearly love him for some reason, well, he’s one of the guitarists from the legendary band itself. And there’s nothing that ladies love more than pirate guitarists, who are considered twice as sexy as pirate haberdashers, and four times sexier than pirate DJs.

2 thoughts on “We Are Pirates – a Tribute to Running Wild

  1. Have to admit, that was awesome! Funny video but a very cool song. I love the motto “Die in the waves, or live on your knees!” I feel a tattoo coming on…hmmmmm

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