West Cornwall Pasty Company

So there’s some debate whether it’s pronounced “pay-stee” or “pah-stee.” Whichever the case, it’s a reference to what we good-hearted ‘mericans would call “pastries” (leave it to the dastardly Brits to try and confuse us by naming their snack-foods after stripper gear.) Anyways, check out their website, cuz it’s pirate to the core. It’s also a damn site more fun to explore than some pirate computer games. You know, those ones that you find for $5 at OfficeMax in a giant bin [cough-BlackBuccaneer-cough].


4 thoughts on “West Cornwall Pasty Company

  1. Ah- believe the Brits say Pah-stee.
    And in me book- they’re nothin but verrah tasty meat pies!
    Barman- where’s me ale??!!

  2. I’ve always heard it called pah-stee as well. I make a point to stop by the Mackinaw Pastie and Cookie Company whenever I’m in the area.

  3. Whilst vagabonding through St Ives on that bonny coast o’ Cornwall, I lived on white bait and pasties, (rhymes with “nasties”) the whole stay. All that twere available was mystery meat or cheesy pasties. The menu at this new place looks really good. I’d like 3 of each, mate!

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