Yo Ho Ho and a Thousand Bottles of Rum

Collection of 1,000 bottles of rum finds a home in Broadmoor – NOLA.com

Hell, I’d probably have a thousand bottles of rum by now if I’d thought to keep them all. The difference? Mine would all be empty, and about half of them would be Goslings Black Seal. But Steve Remsberg, from somewhere around Louisiana-way, has over a thousand different bottles, and many of them still full. He’s developed a knack for finding rare, limited production rums, and only opens them if he also finds a duplicate. Which means he probably has one of the greatest collections on the planet, and I really need to quickly mastermind a plan to “randomly” meet him, engratiate myself to him, and get listed in his will. Something like hiring a gang of cyborg ruffians to try and mug him, and I can then swoop in and save him, and our friendship could develop from there. Yeah, that should do the trick.

One thought on “Yo Ho Ho and a Thousand Bottles of Rum

  1. Okay, what about this? I’ll hire a band of fanatical, ugly, evil-spirited mercenaries to break into his house and steal his collection. Then, you and I, using our vast knowledge of tactics, military hardware, martial arts, and bulls**t, assault the mercenaries’ island fortress where they have the rum collection secreted, wipe them out and return the rum to this guy. I am SURE that his overwhelming sense of gratitude would result in him leaving the collection to us and who knows what he’d give us when we brought it back to him? So, send me $9,000,000 as your half of the funding for this little adventure and we can get stared.

    Waiting for a check,

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