Yo ho, yo ho…beauty and a bottle of rum?

Yo ho, yo ho…beauty and a bottle of rum?

The Examiner recently posted this article about all the various beauty products out there that are rum-based. Not that this would come as a surprise to anyone that’s met me – I bathe in rum daily, which is why my skin is so radient. My healthy teeth and gums are a direct result of mixing rum into my toothpaste, and my youthful appearance can be chocked up to weekly rum injections directly into my cheekbones. Botox ain’t got nothin’ on rum!

5 thoughts on “Yo ho, yo ho…beauty and a bottle of rum?

  1. Wait, I read the article and it does have useful information: July is National Rum Month. Bilge, you didn’t tell us! Or is it just that every month is Rum month…

  2. I have known for many years that rum makes your beautiful. If I give a guy enough rum, he’ll think I’m damn near gorgeous!

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