You’re Doing it Wrong (and you probably drink bacardi)

Police Nab 2 So-Called ‘Grease Pirates’

I’ve seen music pirates, I’ve seen underwear pirates, and now it’s grease pirates. I really think the media needs to come up with a new buzzword – every time some one steals crap it doesn’t have to be piracy. I mean, were they even wearing cool hats? Did they have a parrot or a hook? I rest my case.

6 thoughts on “You’re Doing it Wrong (and you probably drink bacardi)

  1. I’m guessing pirate because they are stealing to resell. That would be considered Piracy.

    You’re also right about them making up the word. Otherwise.. who gives a crap about grease theft?

  2. Let’s face it:

    a) Pirates are sexy right now (again)

    b) ‘Grease Burglars’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it

    c) The obvious choice, ‘Hamburglers,’ is a trademark of the McDonald’s Corporation and would have gotten the reporters in trouble

  3. How about ‘Fry Oil Filchers’? It’s even got some alliteration and it flows…

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