Review: Blackbeard the Pirate

Rating: ★★★★☆
Blackbeard the Pirate
by Richard Becker

In a world where pirate comic books come and go – frequently dying off before they have a chance to find their footing (R.I.P. El Cazador and Scurvy Dogs), it’s refreshing to note that Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales, being the well researched, historically accurate comic-book telling of Blackbeard’s story, lasted a full eight years from beginning to end. There’s only one problem – it came and went well before the current boom in pirate popularity. Continue reading

Review: The Pirate Art Book

Rating: ★★★☆☆
The Pirate Art Book: 17 Years of Drawing Sea Rovers

Richard Becker has quite the history as a pirate artist. From designing shirts for Sea Wolf Clothing and covers for No Quarter Given, and right through his two comic book series “Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales” (a limited run over several years telling the historical story of Blackbeard) and “Pirate Tales” (his newer, ongoing series of historical pirates in general), it would seem he must have illustrated every conceivable pirate subject by now.

The Pirate Art Book: 17 Years of Drawing Sea Rovers, is a testemant to exactly this – nearly two decades of pirate art summed up into 64 pages of black and white illustrations. What’s inside should appeal to a wide variety of pirate enthusiast… Continue reading

Review: Pirate Tales

Pirate Tales Issue #2

The world of pirate comicbooks has been precarious at best. As soon as a new title enters the market – be it good or bad – it quite often fades into oblivian before you can even give it a fair chance. Not so with “Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales,” a historically-based comic book series that primarily traces the exploits of Blackbeard. “Bloodthirsty Pirate Tales” managed to stay alive for a full eight years – virtually an eternity for the pirate comic genre. And even though they only managed an average of one comic per year, they nontheless left a fine legacy, and are surely remembered fondly by many a pirate enthusiast. Continue reading