Creepy, Awesome Fan Art

Long-time Bilgemunky Radio supporters Captain Mal and Mac the Wife sent this piece of extraordinary pirateyness shortly after the 100th Podcast with an accompanying letter of congrats. Its eyes have a habit of following you, and at night it whispers secrets. I’d say more about this handcrafted monkey head, but really, it speaks for itself.

Fan Art – in 3D!!!

Around the time of Bilgemunky Radio’s 100th Podcast, I received some hearty congratulations from a few listeners. And Broadside Bryan even saw fit to express his excitement with fire. Well, burnt wood anyways.

As he tells it, this wasn’t done with an electric burner, either, but with a metal stick heated (and reheated, and reheated, and reheated…) over the stove. Never let it be said that Bilgemunky listeners don’t do things the old fashioned way. The painful, slow, tedious old fashioned way. Thanks Bryan! Once I figured out this wasn’t a puzzle box, I was able to fully appreciate its glory (that was a long, frustrating three hours, though.)