Bilgemunky at Rip Tide!

155_5528bIf you’re in the Milwaukee area, you’re invited to join me at Rip Tide Bar&Grill – I’ll be DJing the pirate music we all love on Saturday, May 30th from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Pirate rock, pirate rap, pirate metal and punk – and yes, even pirate shanties.

irate attire is not required (but not discouraged, either). Be sure and stop by if you can, and let your waitress know you can to see Bilgemunky ūüėÄ

For details, check out and



Bilgemunky to DJ at PyrateCon!

I’m excited to announce that PyrateCon has invited me to do a little DJing this April. And what’s more, I’ll be doing so from smack in the middle of Bourbon Street! I’m not sure how many DJs (of any genre) can boast having done such a thing, but I’ll wager it’s not too many.

The final schedule TBA, but by the looks of things I’ll be doing two sets – one on Friday the 3rd and one on Saturday the 4th. So when you arrive in New Orleans (you ARE going to PyrateCon, aren’t you?) make sure to check your schedule so you can hang out with me and groove to the best mix of pirate and pirate-core music in existence! Lookin’ forward to seein’ you all there!!!

Oh, and if you’re not already familiar with PyrateCon, be sure and check it out at For two years running now the¬†formula has been simple:¬†New Orleans +¬†pirates + rum = Greatest Weekend Ever. Don’t miss it!

Bilgemunky at Chicago Maritime Festival

If you’re in the neighborhood, this Saturday Chicago will be hosting its 2009 Maritime Festival. Event features loads of sea shanties (including Bounding Main!), plus I’ll be revisiting my 2008 multimedia presentation Pirate-Core: Sea Shanties in the 21st Century…

As a musical genre, the sea chantey has gone largely unchanged since the age of sail. But where most maritime artists have chosen to embrace and preserve the rich heritage of this music, others have opted to take their fascination with the sea into surprising new directions. This session will explore the development and current state of Piratecore, a relatively young yet incredibly diverse musical genre that blends the traditional sea chantey with such contemporary styles as rock, rap, punk, metal, and more.

Hope ta see ya there!

After Action Report: Reenactorfest 2009

The first full weekend of February, 2009 saw me attending my first ever Reenactorfest in Wheeling, IL. I’d heard of Reenactorfest before, but didn’t feel an initial drive to attend – primarily because my own interest is entirely pirate-focused and I figured my time was best spent at pirate events rather than those that also catered to WWII, ancient Rome,¬†Napoleonic, and so on. But this year I decided to give it a go, partly because it was relatively close to home, and mostly because they invited me to host Bilgemunky’s Pirate Lounge (!!) throughout much of the event. Continue reading

How I Plan to Survive February (and you’re invited to join me!)

We’re still in the dead of winter, which for many pirates means cold days, colder nights, loads of snow, and not a whole heck of a lot to do with ourselves from a piratey perspective. The good news? Spring is just around the corner. The bad? It ain’t here yet.

Actually, there is some more good news. Continue reading

Join Me at Reenactorefest 5!

Ok, I’ll be blunt – never in a million years did I think Reenactorfest would be for me. Why not? Simple – I’m into pirate stuff. And not exclusively historical pirate stuff at that (as anyone that ever tunes in to Bilgemunky Radio certainly knows.) As such, an event populated by Civil War Doctors, Roman Centurians, and WWII Troops seemed¬†a potentially poor fit, not only because I wasn’t sure if there would be enough of interest to me at such a festival, but also because I didn’t want to rain on their parade by showing up as the sort of merely quasi-historical,¬†fashion-forward¬†pirate I so clearly am ūüėČ Continue reading

Bilgemunky Hosts Rum & Cigar Pairing

Wednesday, October 1st Bilgemunky is joining forces with Metro Cigars in Germantown, Wisconsin to host a unique Rum & Cigar Pairing. Participants will experience three premium rums combined with three quality cigars to explore the enjoyment of each, as well as how these two glorious vices can interact with and complement each other.

Rum samplings
Sea Wynde
Mt Gay Extra Old
10 Cane

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Toro
Cuvee Blanc Salamon
Camacho Havana Figurado

Wednesday, October 1st, 6-8 p.m.
$25/per person
Event limited to 20 participants!
Please call Metro Cigars at 262-255-1996 for your reservation.

Event held at:
Metro Cigars
W182 N9606 Appleton Avenue
Germantown, WI 53022