Bilgemunky Swag Sale!!!

OK mates, as anyone who’s recently tried to purchase a Bilgemunky T-Shirt is keenly aware, it’s high time for a change in how I fill the continued demand for Bilgemunky Swag. Keeping my own inventory was a great start, as it allowed for much higher quality products than were available through the online print-on-demand services of the time. But time changes, technology improves, and I’m tired of running out of some shirt sizes while sitting on a glut of other sizes. So… stay tuned for new swag, courtesy of Print Infection. This will allow faster delivery, more styles and colors, more designs, and infinite inventory. Pretty sweet, eh?

But there’s a downside – cost, for one. The new shop will necessarily be more expensive than the old. Which is why today is your lucky day x2. Not only can you still buy from the old store and its cheaper prices, but all prices have been slashed as well! Supplies are limited, so don’t delay!

Get your Bilgemunky T-Shirts, Eyepatches, and Bandanas today! They make great gifts for any occasion, from “Happy Birthday” to “I’m sorry for maxing out our credit cards at the brothel again – I was only gambling, I swear!”