Pirates set sail for West Michigan

Pirates set sail for West Michigan – Grand Rapids News – The Grand Rapids Press Online – Michigan Newspaper – MLive.com.

While the Michigan Pirate Festival sounds like it was a blast (hopefully I might be able to attend next year), some of this article scares me a bit:

“When I’m dead, I want to be buried in Jack,” she says. “This is the way people know me, and this is the way I want people to remember me.”

Really, folks. If you want to make some money portraying Jack Sparrow, fine by me. Want to dress like him for Halloweeen or PyrateCon? Go for it. But if you’re obsessed with pirates enough to eat, sleep, and drink pirates throughout most of the year (and I don’t judge you for this – I’m right there with you), for crikey’s sake, PLEASE find your own inner pirate! Such levels of Jack Sparrow emmersion are downright creepifying.