Review: Pirate Goblet

Rating: ★★★★½
Captain Goldtooth Pirate Pottery

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – nothing spoils a glorious pirate personna faster than drinking out of a dixie cup. You may be the meanest scalliwagg around, complete with glorious brocade coat and a bicorn hat that eclipses the sun, but if you’re sipping your rum from a disposable plastic container, you still look a ninny.

Fortunately there are options – pewter and stoneware solutions are on the rise, from tankards to flasks to onion bottles. Pirates can select from the extremely fancy to the simple and rustic. Personally, it’s the rustic I often like best, as it seems most suited to the consumption of rum. And it’s in this way that Goldtooth Pottery truly shines. But if you’re not a rum fan, don’t let that stop you. Goldtooth drinking vessels are just as suited for the drinking of Kill Devil, Bomboo, Flip, Grog, or just plain ol’ distilled molasses. Continue reading