Captain Morgan Gives Rum to Archaeologists – and not just a bottle or two

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum isn’t exactly top shelf. But, they don’t really claim to be, either. They actually seem pretty comfortable in their skin as a staple frat-party mixer rum, and for that I respect them. Fun commercials now and then as well. And now this:

Captain Morgan Rewards Archaeologists With Rum For Ocean Floor Find

That’s right – as a reward for finding the historical Morgan’s ship, Captain Morgan Rum is giving each expedition member a BARREL of their OWN BLEND of rum.


Crikes, that’s an incredibly sweet reward – and PLUS they’re offering a bonus to the first diver to recover a bottle of actual “Captain Morgan’s” rum (meaning that which at one point belonged to the man himself.) Whoever knew that hunting for sunken pirate treasure could be so lucrative?

Now For Something Awesome…

So we started the day with some very lame news about Pirates of the Caribbean’s Armada of the Damned. Let’s now move on to something pretty sweet – a Captain Morgan commercial (say wuuut?!?)

Contrary to popular belief, I actually have some respect Captain Morgan Rum. They seem comfy in their own skin as a decent spiced mixer rum – the choice of frat boys everywhere. Unlike some other “rail” rums (*choke* Bacardi), I’ve never seen them attempt any pretense of being top shelf. Plus, they have a pirate on the label, so that’s a plus.

Well, whether you love or hate the Morgan, you gotta love this commercial. I don’t have cable, so rum TV commercials often miss me – thank goodness I have loyal listeners to bring such awesomeness as this to my attention:

Captain Morgan Love tha Baseball

Contrary to popular belief, I’ve always respected Captain Morgan Rum. As a brand, it’s fun and piratey. And as a rum – well, they have no illusions about what they are. Unlike some pedestrian rums with delusions of top-shelf grandeur (*cough* Bacardi), Captain Morgan seems to be comfortable in their own skin as a mainstream party mixer – and nothing wrong with that. So yeah, it’s fitting that one of America’s favorite mixer rums would team up with one of America’s favorite sports by throwing the first pitch at Baseball Games:

Captain Morgan | First Pitch | Sponsorship

Fun idea, and a great way to continue the gradual infiltration of pirates into mainstream culture. The takeover has begun!

Be sure and watch some of the videos of Morgan as well. What surprised me most is that *I* actually seem to have a better pirate voice than the bloke portraying Captain Morgan. Any rums need a spokesman?

Review: Captain Morgan’s Private Stock

Rating: ★★½☆☆
Captain Morgan’s Private Stock

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Way back when I decided it was time to move up from Rum&Cokes, this was the rum I started with. Higher quality than standard Captain Morgan, it was very drinkable. The spiciness was appealing and exotic, and it nicely toned down the shock that would normally accompany drinking rum straight for the first time, thus making for a very smooth introduction. Continue reading