Attack of the Show ‘attacks’ Rum

While I’m certain that most readers are experienced enough rum drinkers to not need an intro course, this isĀ nonethelessĀ entertaining šŸ™‚

Not the worst three intro rums, but hardly the best. Especially when it’s a cute blonde who’s clearly psyched for pirates. Where’s the Goslings Old, where’s the Sea Wynde??? C’mon, mate – give Alison some rum that will set her mouth on fire so she can “arrrrr” properly!

Review: Cruzan Single Barrel

Rating: ★★★★☆
Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

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Third time’s a charm with Cruzan. I’d previously tried Cruzan’s Estate Diamond and Blackstrap rums, and was rather unimpressed in both cases. But with Cruzan Single Barrel I finally see why Cruzan is a household name amongst rum enthusiasts.

Cruzan Single Barrel is sort of the “girl next door” of rums – more wholesome than exotic, yet spunky and intriguing nontheless. The flavor is smooth, sharp, and a little bit peppery. It goes down easy, and is probably one of the more approachable premium rums I’ve yet to experience. I’d definitely recommend it to newcomers – it’s unintimidating, but still packs enough flavor to be the real deal. Continue reading

Review: Cruzan Black Strap

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
Cruzan Black Strap Rum

I’ve been told Cruzan Blackstrap is one of the rums that most closely resembles that of the British Royale Navy, which may explain why so many of them defected and went pirate. They should have called this “Mike’s Spiked Molasses”, as I can sum it up in just a few lines:

Smells like molasses.

Tastes like molasses.

Leaves a distinctive, molasses-like aftertaste.

But all is not lost – it might be tough to drink without a grimace, but I can’t think of a better way to start your morning than pouring a few ounces of this 80 proof stuff on your pancakes. Yarrr!!! Continue reading