After Action Report: 2010 Devil’s Dozen Ceremony

As anyone paying even a sliver of attention surely knows, the 2010 Fell’s Point Privateer Day weekend was kicked off with a Friday night induction ceremony of the first annual Devil’s Dozen winners – initiates into the fledgling fraternal pirate organization of The Order of Leviathan. The Order is the brainchild of legendary pirate Talderoy, who wished to create a society of accomplished pirates. The Order’s ranks will be added to each year via the Devil’s Dozen election, a process by which peers from within the pirate community may choose pirates of note from amongst their own. Actually, the process is a little more complex than that, but it’s close enough for the purpose of enjoying the induction festivities. Continue reading

Fell’s Point in Two Weeks!!!

It’s been a long winter, and with the exception of a fine weekend at the Port Radisson Pirate’s Rendezvous, a rather quiet one for me (if you don’t count rocking out to pirate-core every Monday night, of course.)

Anyways, I’m well and ready to head to Baltimore in two weeks and kick some pirate lords in the butts congratulate some Devil’s Dozen Honorees. The guest list is growing, and full of the sorts of swabs that are sure to make for a killer party – just add rum. They call it Fell’s Point Privateer Day, but there seem to be activities planned the whole weekend long. Hope to see some of you there!

Swashbuckler Soiree:
Privateer Day:
Fell’s Point Pirate Invasion:

The Search for the Devil’s Dozen

new-poster13From Pirates Magazine:

Ahoy mateys!
There be big doin’s afoot here at Pirates Magazine. We’re holding a contest to pick the nation’s best buccaneers. With your help, we’ll scour the globe to find “The Devil’s Dozen”; 13 scallywags that best exemplify the spirit of piracy. That’s right, YOU can join the ranks to be one of the 13 official Pirates Magazine Devil’s Dozen of 2010.

Here’s how the contest works:
If you’re part of a cosplay pirate crew, parade group or a pirate reenactor, send in a photo of your captain along with a short paragraph about him (or her). The editors of Pirates magazine will pick twelve captains from east of the Mississippi and twelve captains from west of the Mississippi (Aye, we’re splittin’ the world right in half like a cutlass through a cooked goose!) to comprise a total of 24 captains from which 13 proud pirates will be picked by their peers and the readers of Pirates magazine via So e-mail a photo and paragraph about your captain to me at: Continue reading