Jake and the Never Land Pirates Launches Today :)

The fact that entertainment geared at kids under 10 always makes me feel awkward notwithstanding, there is no effort more noble than getting younkers into the pirate spirit at an early age. Jake and the Never Land Pirates premieres today:

Looks fun enough, although I feel like this show was written by videogame designers – the floating islands, the view from the ship’s bow dodging islands… methinks a Jake and the Never Land Pirates Game is surely right around the corner. Continue reading

Do Mouse-Ears Fit Adults?

Holy carp, these are the coolest Mouse-Ears I’ve ever seen!!! I normally don’t go for Mickey hats, but dude, I’d wear these everywhere. Home, work, the bank…

Pirates of the Caribbean Mickey Mouse Ear Hat

Actually, while I’m as fearful as I am hopeful about the new movie, I have nothing but warm-fuzzies that Disney will merchandise the hell out of it. I don’t care a squat about movie action figures and such, but hats, hoodies, and other miscellaneous goodies? Disney has had a pretty good track record in that regard, as this hat clearly demonstrates.

Armada of the Damned No More

It would seem a typical Disney move to cancel the development of an awesome looking pirate game scheduled to release right in the middle of the pirate fever presumed to follow Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Thank god I sold my stock in these hosers.

Disney cancels Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned; Propaganda suffers layoffs

On the bright side, perhaps it’s a good sign. Curse of the Black Pearl was by far the best of the trilogy, and it was accompanied by a Disney that was afraid to market, merchandise, or monopolize on it in any way. Maybe if the suits at Disney are again feeling standoffish about pirates, it means the creative forces behind Stranger Tides will be free to do things right. Or maybe it just means we’re all being deprived a killer pirate video game.

Holy Cow, Bogg&Salty has joined up with the Mouse!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

A few years back, pirate musical legend Skip Henderson’s own music was featured in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. And now score two for the pirate community as Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson of Captain Bogg&Salty will be creating the music underscore for a new Disney TV animation, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Hendrickson is of course a (if not THE) true pirate-core pioneer, and Hoskins is the incredible talent behind Captain Bogg himself. To see the two working on a pirate cartoon – JOY!!!

Oh, and Disney, since you’re hiring pirate folk of late you’ll be pleased to know that I’m available. I have no musical or artistic talent to speak of, but folks seem to like me anyways. Some folks.

Sadly, there might be something to this…

SFGate: Daily Dish : Efron Denies ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Rumor.

“Honestly, at this time it’s just a rumor.”

That sounds forboding to me. “At this time…” means that it’s not entirely a rumor. It hints that Disney and Zac Efron of High School Musical have been talking about bringing him aboard the PotC francise, and says to me that Disney is circulating these rumors to determine whether they lead to good buzz or bad buzz.

Efron is already part of the Disney family, as is Pirates of the Caribbean. Young kids probably love him, so naturally Disney would think they could use this to their marketing advantage. To me, this is exactly the sort of misguided demographic pandering that Disney is all too capable of. Never mind a script, never mind the creative process – just determine whether they can guss Efron up in pirate garb, slap the image on a pillowcase, and sell it to pre-teen girls.

10 ways to make sure Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 gets it right – Den of Geek

10 ways to make sure Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 gets it right – Den of Geek.

Yes, so the news – only rumors and (misguided) wishful thinking to this point – is now official. According to multiple media sources, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is now definitely in the works. Rather than linking a slobbering fanboy article I thought this one more appropriate: 10 helpful suggestion to ensure PotC 4 does not suck. Disney, we know, is capable of great things – great successes, and great failures alike. And being as they clearly did some things very badly in the second two films I sincerely hope they’ve learned something from their mis-steps. But sadly, it’s difficult to convince myself that Disney is moving forward with PotC4 because they feel they actually have a new story worth telling, rather than simply trying dredge up a few more bucks from this franchise. Which is fine – I’ve no beef with capitolism. I do, however, have a beef with lame ass pirate movies.

Orlando Sentinel – Pirates of the Caribbean Beach Resort on Tourism Central Florida

Orlando Sentinel – Pirates of the Caribbean Beach Resort on Tourism Central Florida

“Walt Disney World has unveiled a rendering and a few details of some retheming and renovations in the works for Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort — theming it after the hugely-popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride/movies/games franchise.”

I wanna go now! The picutre really says it all. And while the boat-shaped beds might be a little silly, I mean, C’mon!!! They just better have decent rum in the hotel bar (isn’t Disney known for it’s stellar liquor selections?)

IGN: Privateering Added to Pirates of the Caribbean Online

IGN: Privateering Added to Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Eyup, now you can be a privateer when playing Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Which I suppose means you can stop pillaging as you please in favor of only pillaging the enemies of the King, and also give him a cut of the profits. In exchange you get a nifty title – sounds great to me.

Review: Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Rating: ★★★★☆

Let’s face it, most of us don’t live the sort of lives that allow us to indulge our love of piracy – we don’t own sloops with cannons, we can’t walk around our neighborhoods with swords strapped to our hips, and so on. This is where Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMO) are such a wonderful modern creation. For those not familiar with the concept, an MMO is essentially an online world where you create a character and do whatever it is you wish you could be doing in real life. For people like us, this usually means looting and pillaging.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online is a relatively young MMO – it’s only been live for a few months and is still growing and developing to best suit the desires of its players. In it, you create a pirate character – male or female – and customize their look to suit your tastes. The characters are a little cartoony, with the menfolk being rather burely and the girls leaning towards the cutesy, but this works well enough considering that the game itself is a bit fantastic and cartoony, rather than attempting to mimick reality outright. Continue reading