Dreadcrew of Oddwood Winter Tour

Winter Tour flyer oddwoodLooks like we’re all in for some relief from the winter doldrums. Wait, did I say “all”? Scratch that – just the lucky bastids on the west coast – the rest of us will continue to enjoy our weekly “blizzard of the centuries.”

I haven’t seen Dread Crew perform in several years, but as I recall they were FACEMELTINGLY AWESOME! So, yeah… catch a show if you can.

For more info on Dreadcrew, I bet their website is all sorts of useful. It’s www.thedreadcrewofoddwood.com. Buy some of their genius albums while you’re at it – they’ll rock your stripey socks right off and then scrape the barnacles from your gums like a sonic laser of pirattitude.

It’s Time to Kickstart Dreadcrew’s Next Masterpiece!

To arms! To arms! Fans of Bilgemunky Radio know that The Dreadcrew of Oddwood transcends awesome the same way Hannibal Lecter transcends peculiar table manners – IN STYLE, is what I’m sayin’ 🙂 So don’t miss this opportunity to help make their third album Heavy Mahogany a reality. Hop on board via Kickstarter and get yourself some choice swag in the process!

Heavy Mahogany: Oddwood’s COURAGEOUS NEW ALBUM! by The Dread Crew of Oddwood — Kickstarter.