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So the Bilgemunky Page on Facebook has been live for a while, and slowly I’m figuring out just what to do with the thing (besides having a new way to cyberstalk my readers.)

But seriously, if you haven’t yet become a fan, then you should. Why? Because these days all entities are judged by their Facebook standing – more fans equates to an assumption of better quality, further reach, and fresher breath. You don’t want people to think ill of me, do you? That’s what I thought – so become a fan today!

Facebook Pirate Language

Facebook Pirate language – the new English (Pirate) language setting will liven up your Facebook Profile!.

I haven’t really explored Facebook as yet – and not only because of the copyright debaucle they’ve had of late (although that didn’t help.) But this definitely sounds intriguing – especially for those of you what ne’er git tarrred of readin’ pirate talk, n’matter ‘ow bloody ‘ard it be ta understands!

Apprecerations ta Tad fer sightin’ this one fer us! Yarrr!!!