“Pirates of the Carrots and Peas” FAILS!

Meet the Pirates of the Carrots and Peas – Modern Healthcare.

I gotta call foul on this one – it is not ok to take our precious piracy and recklessly utilize it towards any and all projects, organizations, or causes. Pirates of the Carrots and Peas is “a determined band of healthcare policy experts and human resource specialists whose aim is to improve worker productivity and lower health spending, saving companies millions.”

Really? Sorry mates, but that just doesn’t pass muster. I’m not commenting on the worthiness of the cause, just the title “Pirates of the Carrots and Peas.” Veggie Tales trying to pose as pirates was bad enough, but at least they did it in a funny way. But trying to make corporate health care reform sexy by┬áincluing the word pirate is just weak. And I have to wonder where excessive rum consumption fits within the PotCaP’s policies, hrmmm? Although Spaniard stabbin’ does make for some right fine aerobic activity.