After Action Report: Fell’s Point Privateer Day 2010

So the second weekend of March, 2010 saw me at the Fell’s Point Privateer Day in Baltimore, MD. This was my first year attending this event, although I’d certainly heard good things. I was, however, a little concerned that a Privateer “Day” might not quite be robust enough to justify a long distance journey. Thanks in large part to Pirates Magazine and the Devil’s Dozen Induction, I needn’t have worried. Continue reading

Fell’s Point in Two Weeks!!!

It’s been a long winter, and with the exception of a fine weekend at the Port Radisson Pirate’s Rendezvous, a rather quiet one for me (if you don’t count rocking out to pirate-core every Monday night, of course.)

Anyways, I’m well and ready to head to Baltimore in two weeks and kick some pirate lords in the butts congratulate some Devil’s Dozen Honorees. The guest list is growing, and full of the sorts of swabs that are sure to make for a killer party – just add rum. They call it Fell’s Point Privateer Day, but there seem to be activities planned the whole weekend long. Hope to see some of you there!

Swashbuckler Soiree:
Privateer Day:
Fell’s Point Pirate Invasion:

Fell’s Point Fast Approaches!

Arrr – Fell’s Point is rapidly approaching, and even though this will be my first year attending, I’m already getting that special tingly feeling I used to get just before PyrateCon. It’s the anticipation of knowing I’ll get to dress, act, and drink like a pirate with some of my best mates from across the country! The attached image (click on it for the full size) has details of the Swashbuckler Soiree – hope to see lots of you there!

Oh, and for those of you looking to raise a glass with me, I’m a particular fan of Goslings (Black Seal or Old Estate), Sea Wynde, and Angostura 1824. There are many other great rums as well, but if you offer me a Bacardi in “friendship”, I’ll kick your butt as if you were a self-proclaimed pirate lord 🙂