The Pirate Rulebook (Horrible Histories)

Black Bart Roberts was surely the best and worst of pirates. He was the best because you just can’t argue with results – I mean, the guy was responsible for some of the grandest raids ever known to man. Blackbeard, for all his fame, had nothing on Black Bart’s booty ledger. But Bart was the worst in that he was just one party foul after another. A tea drinking dandy, rum never passed his lips and he even made his crew follow all these silly “rules.” Sure, these “rules” probably made sense at the time, and were likely the key to Black Bart’s wild success… but… RUM!!! GAMBLING!!! WTF???

Enjoy this educational video.

The Black Spot (Horrible Histories)

Funny, but I always thought the Black Spot was a contrivance of Robert Louis Stevenson when he wrote Treasure Island – I never thought for a moment it was actually historicalish. But if I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s that Brits know their history. ESPECIALLY Brit comedians. So if some Brits are gonna teach us about The Black Spot as part of their series on Horrible Histories, then it must be true.