Review: Crate Table

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Rating: ★★★★½
The Pirate Furniture Company

Whether at an encampment or in your office, the downside of accumulating lots of cool pirate booty is having a place to put it. And while some would argue that any old shelf or table would serve just fine, I’d submit that the only proper place to store your pirate booty is on a proper pirate table.

We’ve previously reviewed the folding Camp Stool from the Pirate Furniture Company – an invaluable item that still serves me well today. And now we have a second opportunity to view their work with their Crate Table – a small table suitable for an endtable, or well matched to sit at as a makeshift desk when combined with the afformentioned Camp Stool. Continue reading

Review: Pirate Hat Stand

Rating: ★★★★★
Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats

Proving once again why he is amongst “The Enlightened”, Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats now offers the most wickedly perfect hatstand imaginable. If you’re at all like me, then one look at the picture above and you’re instantly salivating, knowing your life won’t be complete without one. All you need is reassurance that it’s all it appears.

So…. let me reassure you. This hat stand is top quality through and through. Not a single sign of plastic or shoddy craftsmanship – like Jack’s hats, it may as well have fallen into your lap from the 17th century. Not that you’d want it to – it’s deceptively heavy, which is good because it will stubbornly display your hat for all to see, defying nor’easterly winds and playful cat paw alike. Continue reading