Jake and the Never Land Pirates Launches Today :)

The fact that entertainment geared at kids under 10 always makes me feel awkward notwithstanding, there is no effort more noble than getting younkers into the pirate spirit at an early age. Jake and the Never Land Pirates premieres today:

Looks fun enough, although I feel like this show was written by videogame designers – the floating islands, the view from the ship’s bow dodging islands… methinks a Jake and the Never Land Pirates Game is surely right around the corner. Continue reading

Holy Cow, Bogg&Salty has joined up with the Mouse!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

A few years back, pirate musical legend Skip Henderson’s own music was featured in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. And now score two for the pirate community as Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson of Captain Bogg&Salty will be creating the music underscore for a new Disney TV animation, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Hendrickson is of course a (if not THE) true pirate-core pioneer, and Hoskins is the incredible talent behind Captain Bogg himself. To see the two working on a pirate cartoon – JOY!!!

Oh, and Disney, since you’re hiring pirate folk of late you’ll be pleased to know that I’m available. I have no musical or artistic talent to speak of, but folks seem to like me anyways. Some folks.