Introducing The Laffite Project

I suppose it’s the dream many of us share to discover we’re descended from pirates, and the Hix brothers seem to be making good progress in this regard. And even better, they’re gearing up so the rest of us lubbers can tag along:

I think it’s a pretty stellar video – a damned sight better than many reality shows out there. You can check out more at and Also, catch my interview with the Hix brothers on Bilgemunky Radio 153 – Xmas Time, and Lafitte’s Lineage!

Review: Lafitte’s Black Box

Rating: ★★★☆☆
When I started reviewing pirate books, I never would have guessed that I’d so often also be reviewing time-travel books. I suppose it makes sense, as piracy – the swashbuckling, romantic sort, anyways – has long gone the way of the dodo, and time-travel would seem an obvious method of connecting the modern protaganist with a true buccaneer adventure. Also, never would I have guessed all the different methods of time travel I’d discover – antique contraptions, offshore wormholes, time-stretching caverns… and now, sleep. With so many methods of time travel available to us, it’s really a wonder that real-world quantum physisists are having so much trouble pinning it down. Maybe they just don’t read enough pirate books. Continue reading