Flint&Silver Coming to Big Screen? Maybe not…

So last night I discovered that England – that tiny island across the water, already has access to the sequels to John Drake’s brilliant Flint&Silver. So what gives? I thought we Americans were supposed to get EVERYTHING FIRST, and now I learn that the two books I’m so eagerly awaiting are already being read and enjoyed by limeys? There is no justice.

So while discovering the nuggets above, I also found this:

Yarrr! ‘Flint & Silver’ To Sail To the Big Screen – The Moviefone Blog

Now, before you wet yourself in excitement, note that the story is from March of 2008 – so it would appear this is just one of the many unsubstantiated pirate movie rumors. So now we have Captain Blood in Space, Blackbeard (in his own film), AND Long John to not look forward to seeing. Yar. (That’s a sad yar. You can tell because it’s punctuated with a period instead of a more festively enthusiastic exclamation point.)

Review: Flint and Silver

Rating: ★★★★★
flintandsilverThat one Treasure Island sequel should follow so quickly on the heels of another would seem strangely coincidental. Indeed, it seems almost yesterday that I was reviewing “Silver” by Edward Chupack, and yet here I am now reviewing “Flint and Silver” by John Drake. But in truth, the similarities between these two works are few and far between. Where Silver was a re-envisioning of the characters of Treasure Island, full of sinister murder, mind-bending cyphers, and dry villainy that intentionally lacked a devout “faithfulness” to its inspiration, Flint and Silver instead attempts to perfectly mesh with the expectations set by the original work and takes a more swashbuckling, lighthearted approach to material. It follows in the “boys adventure” spirit of Treasure Island, albeit from a slightly more grown-up perspective. Continue reading