Drunken Fan Video – Hopefully the First of Many

Is it an episode of Drunken History? Is it a Kraken Rum commercial? Or is it another politically motivated Pro-Bilgemunky puff piece? And it even has The Ben Gunn Society playing in the background, which makes this video more kinds of win than even your granddaddy could handle!

WAIT!!! Did he cut his lady off in mid-sentence in such a way that implied that Bilgemunky trumps boobs??? Holy cow, I bet even TALDEROY can’t brag on that one!

Official Kraken Rum Commercial

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; whatever Kraken Rum pays its marketing guys, it ain’t enough. Name one other rum with the stones to suggest that ordering it at the bar is akin to a watery death sentence? Go ahead, name one!

Pretty soon it will be a battle to the death between The Kraken and The Burger King, and then, WATCH OUT!!!

Win the Coveted KRAKEN RUM BOOK!

Ever since I bragged on the extraordinary promo package I received from Kraken Rum, readers have emailed me to express their salivations for the package’s crown piece – the BOOK. Chock full of words and illustrations depicting the anatomy, history, and myth of the kraken, as well as anti-kraken weapons and drink recipes, this hardbound book is a must for any piratey rum fantatic! They’re precious hard to come by, but I have been fortunate enough to come across a spare – and it could be YOURS!

Tune in to Bilgemunky Radio this coming Monday night for your chance to participate in the bloody competition. Plan to listen close, shoot in an email or several, and wrack your brain for info about Kraken Rum, the kraken itself, and Bilgemunky Radio! Contest entry will be locked shortly after the program begins, so don’t be late! 8 pm, CST!!!

‘Kraken’ is the BEST RUM EVER (and I haven’t even tasted it yet)

Brace yerselves, mates, for it’s the end of an era. For decades the spiced rum market has been dominated by one name – Captain Morgan (The REAL Morgan, by the way, was a poser pirate and a traitor to the cause. Plus he couldn’t sail for damn, so it’s fitting that sooner or later his namesake rum would be sunk.) Well, no longer – Kraken Rum is on the scene, and they stand ready to do some serious damage to their competitor’s market share. Why? Simple – Kraken Rum is the BEST RUM EVER.

Of course, I haven’t actually tried it yet. But check out the promotional package they sent me:

One bottle of Kraken Spiced Rum, one CD full of the Kraken’s tales, a hardbound book of stories, history, and recipes, genuine (likely fake) kraken ink and tooth, a wall chart showing the kraken’s enormous scale – even a personal letter addressed to their “Esteemed Colleague.” That’s right – *I’m* an esteemed colleague of Kraken Rum! I bet next Christmas they’ll even invite me over for dinner. And did I mention it was all in a custom Kraken box, sealed in wax? I mean, seriously, when’s the last time Captain Morgan, or any of those other wannabe spiced rums (I’m looking at you Sailor Jerry and Kilo Kai) ever sent me something this nice? The answer: NEVER.

Soon I’ll actually taste the rum. And then write a review. Until then, I remain confident in my statement that Kraken Rum is the best rum I ain’t never tasted. Oh, and don’t forget to check out their website.

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