Review: Sword & Skull Pendant

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Mad Jack’s Pirate Jewelry
– no longer available –

Pirate jewelry is quite the tricky thing – nothing completes a look better, but also nothing is harder to find than that perfect little item for the right pirate.

If you’re wanting jewelry that’s overtly piratey – meaning skulls, crossbones, and whatnot – this can get trickier still. It’s a fine line between pirate, goth, and biker, and finding that proper death head that says “yarrr” is no small feat. This is where Mad Jack’s comes into play rather nicely – his sterling pendants have those nice little touches that make for a proper swashbuckling look.

Most of Mad Jack’s pendants are based on historical pirate flags – the common Rackham and England are nicely rendered, but so too is the less usual Avery, along with several piratey originals. It was one of these originals I chose for the purpose of this review. Continue reading