Martha Washington’s rum fetches $20,000 >> Yeas & Nays – Martha Washington’s rum fetches $20,000.

Ripped off much? On reading the headlines, I was pretty stoked. I mean, hell, I didn’t even know Martha Washington was a pirate, and yet here her very own rum stash has been auctioned off? But ney – it’s just some rum with her name and face, bottled in 2005. Wait, scratch that – distilled in 2005. So $20,000 for a three year old rum? SAPS!

Wait, change of pace. I mean… wise purchase, mates. And while you’re feeling so spendy, I have a limited edition Bilgemunky T-shirt, complete with my own signature and sweat stains, for sale at the modest price of $15,000. Just shoot me an email for details.