Pirate Christmas Videos – Gwen Stefani

What’s that, you say? Gwen Stefani ain’t piratey? Well, this video begs to differ. And not Christmassy, you say? Check out Gwen’s swashbuckly sexy outfits, and tell me you give a festive flip whether it’s Christmassy or not. And if you ladies aren’t so readily impressed by Miss Stefani’s sex appeal, then you’ll surely be enraptured by her shoes.

I’m sure they’re to die for.

I didn’t really notice.

Keelhauled Video – Sweet!!!!

Scottish Pirate Metal heroes Alestorm have released a video of the song Keelhauled from their latest album Black Sails at Midnight (which, if possible, might be even better than their first album Captain Morgan’s Revenge.) It takes all types to make a world, but I admit that I strongly favor the type of pirate metal where you can actually understand the lyrics, and nobody does it better than Alestorm. Enjoy!

Cruise Ship Terror!

Swashbuckle has just released a brand new, high def music video on YouTube – Cruise Ship Terror. Not for the meek, I’ll warn you. Not only is this thrash metal at is angry, growly finest, but it’s also a rather brutal video. Yes, there is bloodshed – not even the poor cameraman is safe from this crew’s anti-social doings. And they also make a naughty hand gesture.

The Pirates Charles on the Radio…

Fun video, but Capt. Diggity looks entirely uncomfortable. I think the poor bloke has demonstrated that he would never have survived aboard a real pirate ship – I’m certain he pulled several muscles during this performance while restraining himself from dancing and flailing his arms about. This man definitely wasn’t built for cramped conditions.

The Pirates Charles on FHF 97.1 Free FM