Review: Myers’s Legend

Rating: ★★★★☆
Myers’s Legend Rum

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Myer’s Original Rum is a grocery store staple – I can’t imagine it not being available most anywhere. Myer’s Legend, on the other hand, is a rare prize. Compared to its more common cousin, Myer’s Legend is less bitter and less coppery. It’s warmer, smoother, and in a nicer bottle.

That last comment about the bottle isn’t meant to be snide. Drinking rum is about the entire experience – and that experience begins with the bottle. Short and wide like its seagoing ancestors, the Myer’s Legend bottle is wrapped in cord which contrasts beautifully with the dark brown glass. The rum that pours forth has a gravity, but not too much so. It smells faintly of molasses, but mostly this is rum – plain and true. Continue reading

Review: Myers’s Original Dark

Rating: ★★½☆☆
Myers’s Original Dark Rum

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There’s nothing subtle about Myer’s Dark Jamaican Rum – the name says it all. A quick whiff of the bottle will tell you that it’s heavy, cool, and smells of copper and oak. This is rum, and it tastes like it. The grocery store is full of rums I’d never drink straight, not even in cases of direst adversity. But then, most grocery store rums are white. Or spiced. Or flavored. Myer’s, however, is rum. Uncomplicated and unapologetic.

Fine for mixing, superb for cooking, and, in a pinch, decent in the mug.