Review: New Orleans Cane

Rating: ★★★½☆
Cane Rum

Who the hell drinks white rum straight? Yeah, I asked that same question while standing in the lobby of Cane Rum as our guide poured me a glass of their premium white rum. I was a bit scared to take my first sip, as I can’t imagine anything fouler than swigging the likes of Bacardi Silver neat. Much to my surprise, Cane proved highly sippable. It smells much like any other white rum – light and alchoholly. But the taste is something quite different – not at all like I’d expect from a white rum.

I could best equate it to an extra crisp white wine, with a sharp kick playing backup. It even has a bit of fruitiness hidden in there, making for a rum experience that is truly unique. When I first tried it I was in the company of my wife and sister-in-law – neither a rum drinker. But they both found Cane very agreeable (my sister-in-law even snagged a bottle for herself.) It’s not widely distributed, but if you have the opportunity to snag a bottle or two, I highly recommend doing so.

Review: New Orleans Cane Amber

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Cane Amber

Earlier this summer I had the great pleasure of visiting a rum distillary in New Orleans – and it was during this visit that I first experienced their premium rum (indeed, the first time I’ve experienced any of their rums) while overlooking a warehouse full of hundreds of rum barrels. Truly, this alone makes the experience worthwhile, and if you’re ever in a position to see the rum process firsthand I highly recommend it.

Cane Amber is unlike any rum I’ve ever tasted – indeed, it’s rather unlike rum entirely. Were I to try it in a blind taste-test, I’m certain I’d have it pegged for scotch. Fortunately, I rather like a scotch now and then. Unfortunately, I’m not nearly well-versed enough in the world of scotches to review it on these grounds. Continue reading