NorCal Pirate Video – Featuring BILGEMUNKY (and others)

Seriously, I *am* working on a NorCal afteraction report. Look for it soon. Meantime, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures must be worth, what, two thousand? Gunpowder Gertie made this outstanding video during the festival, and you’re sure to note a lot of familiar faces (including my own handsome mug.) And honestly, my singing was spot on – it’s just the voodoo of YouTube that makes me look out of sync!

Off to NorCal!

I’m off to The NorCal Pirate Festival first thing in the morning, so things will be a little quiet at Here are some ideas of how to pass the time:

  1. Patch up that embarrassing hole in your slops
  2. Try a new rum
  3. Finally learn how to tie a knot other than Square
  4. Buy a pirate CD from your favorite Pirate-Core band
  5. Get your ass to NORCAL!

    See you next week (unless I see you in California this weekend 🙂

    NorCal Fast Approaching!!!

    That’s right – NorCal Pirate Festival is just over one week away! And believe me, this is NOT a festival to miss. I’ve been there every year since it started – and if ever a festival hit the ground running, it was NorCal. And it’s only gotten better. Check their website at for full details on entertainment, vendors, and all the rest of it. And also check out this recent news article in the Vallejo Times Herald:

    Shiver me timbers, Pirate’s Festival sails into Vallejo

    After Action Report: NorCal Pirate Festival

    Mid-June has come and gone, and it was my great pleasure to attend the Northern California Pirate Festival in Vallejo. Having attended this festival each of its three years, I’d love to say that I’ve witnessed it grow into something fantastic, but in this rare case no growth was necessary – never have I seen an event so much hit the ground running as this. The 2009 season proved every bit as worthy an event as its two predecessors as the waterfront park was again converted into a full-on pirate festival for two days during Fathers’ Day weekend. Continue reading

    Bilgemunky at NorCal!

    Less than one week until the Northern California Pirate Festival! This is its third year, and if the previous two are any indication I can practically guarantee that this will be one of the best events of the year – The Pirates Charles, Skip Henderson, Roving Tars, The Seadogs… loads of great, piratey vendors (no aluminum siding sales, or renfair crap), and even one of the best fair-food selections I’ve ever seen (last year I think they had organic fish tacos or something like that.) And best of all? At Saturday night’s party yours truly will be DJing live! Hope to see loads and loads of you there!