Club Hedonism Goes Pirate!!!

Proving that piracy is indeed the¬†Worcestershire¬†Sauce of the world (it makes everything better), Hedonism II has announced their upcoming Pirate Fantasy Fest. And seriously, the link is NSFW, so don’t click it if that might get you in trouble or offend your sensibilities.

For those that don’t know, Hedonism II is supposed to be a sexually-charged Jamaican resort. I’ve never been, but my understanding it always makes for a memorable, exciting vacation. And that it will be pirate-themed the week of October 23-30 can only add to the equation – Booze Cruises, harlot contests, pirate garb fashion show, pirate-erotic stage show… the only thing they seem to be missing is the world’s greatest pirate DJ. Hmmm…

So yeah, the long and short of it – sexy pirate vacation, and apparently some real efforts to make it awesomely pirate themed!