Review: Sailor Bags

Rating: ★★★½☆
Flying Canoe Traders

I’m a real fan of Flying Canoe Traders – they truly excel in clothing that is basic, functional, and sturdy. Their slops and shirts are amongst the few that I would actually wear to sea and trust them capable of enduring real weather and hardship. So when I was in need of a sailor’s bag, it was naturally Flying Canoe that first came to mind.

Flying Canoe’s Sailor Bags are essentially old-style duffel bags, intended to sling over your shoulder and carry your necessities. Roomy enough for a change of socks and knickers, toiletries, and a few other necesities and sundries, they’re definitely intended for the light, efficient packer (I would guesstimate a 2.5 gallon capacity.) But this means they’re also able to be carried as part of your garb, rather than leaving some heavy bag in the corner of the pub to get pilfered and ransacked by unsavory vagabonds. Continue reading