NorCal Pirate Video – Featuring BILGEMUNKY (and others)

Seriously, I *am* working on a NorCal afteraction report. Look for it soon. Meantime, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures must be worth, what, two thousand? Gunpowder Gertie made this outstanding video during the festival, and you’re sure to note a lot of familiar faces (including my own handsome mug.) And honestly, my singing was spot on – it’s just the voodoo of YouTube that makes me look out of sync!

Pirate Drinking Song!

It’s always encouraging to see young people take an interest in musical piracy. No, not file-sharing – that’s just weak. But making pirate music – THAT is braggable. And this band – Shades of Gray, puts forth a very fine effort indeed! It does, however, cut off rather suddenly, so be warned.