Review: Pirate Scurvy Dog

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
It’s rare to come across a product with no – and I mean do mean zero – value, but Pirate Scurvy Dog’s Pieces of Eight is one such beast. No production value, no plot, no humor, and frankly, no effort. Hell, they could have at least thrown in a little nudity to reward your taking the trouble to watch the thing, but not even that.

Made up of brief segments that seem to be leading to a joke that never quite arrives, it’s much like watching the antics of a pirate-themed late night horror movie host – the kind of host you only tolerate so that you can get back to the movie. But in this case, there is no movie – just more pointless antics. And then, when you’re at the end of your strength and think the segment will go on and on forever, the punchline finally arrives. And guess what? It’s not at all funny. But then another story starts and the cycle continues. Continue reading