Anne Bonny, Where Ya Been All Me Life?

PirateMod has long been known for making incredible, original pirate Ts, but once in a while they crank out a design so remarkable it bears special mention. Their new “Anne Bonny” shirt is one such design.

I don’t know what it is – the heaving¬†bosom, the long slender legs, or the undead, soulless eyes – there’s just something intriguing about this lass. It’s actually the first in a series on Famous Women of Piracy, so keep an eye out.

PirateMod New Shirts

Drink Like a Pirate Day!

Not to be too shameless in my admiration, but it always makes my day when PirateMod sends out one of their emails with new items. True, they have an incredible selection of pirate t-shirts, but I’m particularly¬†a fan of their other, more fashion-forward efforts of late. Which is why it’s so funny that it was one of their new T-shirt designs that so caught my attention. I mean, just look at it!

Talk Like a Pirate Day is fast approaching (September 19th, if you didn’t know), and I expect you all to celebrate accordingly. But shirts like this remind us that while TLAPD is only once a year, we still have 364 more days to enjoy our rum!