Wait, fat jokes are sexist???

So apparently The Pirates: Band of Misfits is sexist, at least according to Margot Magowan, the writer of this linked article:

Porno or pirate movie for kids? | City Brights: Margot Magowan | an SFGate.com blog

In truth, she raises some compelling points about  how this film might have benefited from a more gender-balanced cast, but she also throws in an overly-alarmist title and some undue criticism at the few female characters. Yes, Cutlass Liz is a bit sexualized, but she also appears to be the most badass, competent pirate in the whole film – surely that’s a big win for the girls in the audience?

Oh yeah, and Margot repeatedly asserts it’s sexist to make a fat joke about a girl, although this makes me wonder what it is when you make a fat joke about a guy?