Review: Pusser’s Blue Label

Rating: ★★★★☆
Pusser’s Blue Label Rum

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After a long day of harassing portuguese lepers, you’re likely to want a healthy reminder that you’re still alive – and nothing does so quite like Pussers. Tasting of pepper and spice, each sip is rich and brutal. It burns the tongue in the very best way possible, and each swallow feels like ingesting raw warmth.

Perhaps no other rum in existence is more closely connected with its British Navy roots. Not only does Pusser’s boast sole ownership of the actual formula used by the limey fleet (before the shortsighted navy opted to forgo grog rations in favor of sobriety, that is,) but they also donate a portion of all proceeds to programs that benefit Brit swabs to this very day. This is all admirable, but not nearly so noteworthy as the simple fact that this is an affordable rum that kicks you in the jaw with the same gusto as other rums four times the price.

Review: Pusser’s Battle of Trafalgar Commemorative 15

Rating: ★★★★½
Pusser’s Battle of Trafalgar Commemorative 15 Year Aged Rum

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Each sip a battle, each taste a conquest.

Pusser’s Battle of Trafalgar rum is a rare treat. Getting a bottle now would surely be costly, as I believe it was a limited rum. But if you somehow manage to score one it would be well worth the effort. Not only is the bottle sublime (a porcelain decantar featuring paintings of Nelson’s career, and even a rope around the base spun by the exact machines that made the ropes for Nelson’s own ship), but the rum inside is remarkable. To the nose it is deep, peppery, and cool. To the palate it is similar, but with an extra emphasis on the peppery. Continue reading