The Latest “Official” Word from PyrateCon

As the questions are being asked, I decided to email PyrateCon’s Director this morning to see what the latest news was (being as the “PyrateCon in Jeopardy” message has been the last word since September.) I instantly received this auto-generated message, quoted in its entirety and verbatim:

Thank you for your interest in the Worlds Famous Pyratecon, unfortunately because of the current economy Pyratecon will not happen in 2010 but will continue in 2011, we will put your name and or company name in our database,also if you haven’t done so please go to and register for the news letter for updates .Again thank you for your interest in Pyratecon

Pyratecon crew

So there you have it. Feel free to discuss, but please keep any “so and so did this and so and so did that” crap to yourselves – I’ve felt from the beginning that the PyrateCon turmoil would manage to sort itself out without the need for online feuds and rumor mills, and I stand by that belief.

PyrateCon/PyrateWeek After-Action Report

dsc_3990Unlike previous after-action reports, I don’t need to provide you with full details as to how PyrateCon and PyrateWeek went – you can read about them on my earlier posts from onsite. But, it does seem worthwhile to offer a few final thoughts. Both events have enjoyed (meaning suffered) their share of political BS – some of it perhaps justified, some of it perhaps less so. For me – and I imagine for most readers – none of it adds up to squat. All that matters to me as an attendee is whether these events are worth my time and money to attend. That’s not to say wronged parties shouldn’t seek justice, just that it’s not my concern to sort it all out. Continue reading

PyrateCon/PyrateWeek Coverage #4

pyratecon09_04I’d fully intended to post on Saturday, but found the day get away from me all to quickly – and despite what you might guess, it wasn’t a Friday-night induced hangover to blame. Rather I found myself doing a bit more running to and from my condo to help some of the PyrateCon performers resolve some sound issues. Between that and making time for meals, the parade – and yes, perhaps just a little hangover nursing – Saturday came and went in a piratical blur.

Friday night saw the Dead Pyrate Ball at PyrateCon, as well as a seperate PyrateWeek Ball and a PyrateWeek Parade. Through sheer luck I happened to catch the parade, which was relatively short and notably passed directly through the PyrateCon grounds. The PyrateWeek Ball was very local based, with marching bands, several “real” and tourist pirates, and a few non-descript VIPs in cars (I believe the adjacent photo is of Lord David, a New Orleans pirate of some note.) Continue reading

PyrateCon/PyrateWeek Coverage #3

pre-pyratecon09_1As expected, PyrateCon proper began last night, and it did so in true piratey fashion. The evening began quietly enough – something of a calm before the storm as I did some light bar-hopping with Skip and John of Skip Henderson and the Starboard Watch. Skip and John did some light impromptu pirate music at the Funky Pirate, much to the delight of the venue’s drunken patrons who were incredibly generous with their tips, and then we grabbed some quick rum at The Pirate’s Alley Cafe before hitting The Bourbon O – being the site of the PyrateCon kickoff party. We arrived to find things already well underway as the place was swarming with pirates, most of whom had only arrived in town a few hours prior. Music by the Pirates Charles got the night quickly moving, as did the obscene amounts of alcohol. Continue reading

PyrateWeek/PyrateCon #2

skip_nolaIt’s Thursday at last! And whether folks are coming to support PyrateWeek, PyrateCon, neither or both – today is the day that I expect pirates to truly descend upon New Orleans. Not that we haven’t had plenty of scoundrels around town already – last night No Quarter Given held its 15th Anniversary Party at the Avenue Pub, only a short 10 minute street car ride from the French Quarter. The party was packed with pirates and reg’lar folk alike, with performances by Skip Henderson and the Starboard Watch, The Pirates Charles, and the Pirates McKenna. Continue reading

PyrateWeek/PyrateCon Daily Post #1

Ahoy all! And here it is, my very first post from the heart of all things pirate (well, for this week anyways) – New Orleans, LA! I’d hoped to begin my daily coverage of PyrateWeek sooner, but two unfortunate circumstances intervened. First, my condo’s modem is fried, and second, I’m still recovering from a nasty bout of the flu, which has sadly forced me to bow out of most of the PyrateWeek happenings thus far. I was unable to assist in the volunteer efforts, and ditto of the late night debaucheries (but I’m well on my way to being in full gear come the weekend, fingers crossed.)

That said, tonight is the No Quarter Given Anniversary Party, which I have no intention of missing, so hopefully I can begin my substantive coverage tomorrow. But meantime, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m in New Orleans, alive and well, and looking forward to meeting up with those of you that can attend, and posting here for those of you that can’t!


Bilgemunky to DJ at PyrateCon!

I’m excited to announce that PyrateCon has invited me to do a little DJing this April. And what’s more, I’ll be doing so from smack in the middle of Bourbon Street! I’m not sure how many DJs (of any genre) can boast having done such a thing, but I’ll wager it’s not too many.

The final schedule TBA, but by the looks of things I’ll be doing two sets – one on Friday the 3rd and one on Saturday the 4th. So when you arrive in New Orleans (you ARE going to PyrateCon, aren’t you?) make sure to check your schedule so you can hang out with me and groove to the best mix of pirate and pirate-core music in existence! Lookin’ forward to seein’ you all there!!!

Oh, and if you’re not already familiar with PyrateCon, be sure and check it out at For two years running now the formula has been simple: New Orleans + pirates + rum = Greatest Weekend Ever. Don’t miss it!

Some Brief Words about PyrateCon

There’s a whole lot of gossip floating around the web right now about PyrateCon. Most of it consists of either vague allegations based on “inside information” or long winded tirades that have little to do with anything the general public needs or wants to know.

Since returning from PyrateCon 08 I’ve been torn between whether I should publicly share my thoughts, or quietly “wait and see” what occurs on its own. But I get asked, and then asked again what my thoughts are on PyrateCon, and so I think it’s time to just throw some things out there. So here are some facts. No inside information, just the publicly available truth: Continue reading