Best Issue Ever (Part 2)

pyrateswayautumn2008I know, I know – you’re think, “Hey, he already had a ‘Best Issue Ever’ post”, and you’re right. But that was the best ever issue of Pirates Magazine – THIS is the best issue ever of The Pyrates Way – an no, not because of the picture of Talderoy on the cover.

Autumn 2008 (aye, they’re running a tad behind) features a two page spread on yours truly – 12 questions all about what makes the Bilgemunky tick. And if that ain’t worth your money, I don’t know what is. But as a special bonus, the second round of pirate trading cards – two included with each issue – includes a Bilgemunky card! Of course, there’s no telling which two cards you’ll get with your issue, so better buy a few extra subscriptions to better your chances at scoring a Bilgemunky card – they’re sure to accumulate dust value over the years!