Blackbeard’s Sword? Not Likely. Still Cool.

So I suppose it’s high time I post this, as it’s been cluttering the webosphere for a few days at least. In excavating Blackbeard’s Ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, a sword hilt was discovered. Several news stories are even speculating that it might be Blackbeard’s very own sword, despite absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

So is it really so far fetched that it be Blackbeard’s sword? My thought is… YES. Not only are the odds of, out of a huge pirate crew, this being Blackbeard’s sword, tucked away in the bowels of the ship rather than topside being swung about by the man himself, incredibly small – but what’s more, we all know that Blackbeard’s sword was the size of a ship’s mast. Otherwise he never would have been able to decapitate Paul Bunyon, nor stab the sun (leading to the famous 30 Day of Night, dramatized in the recent vampire flick that was completely historically innacurate.)

So no, this isn’t Blackbeard’s Sword. Keep looking!