R.A. Salvatore Blog Tour

Bilgemunky.com was fortunatate enough to be asked to participate in a blog tour featuring interviews with Bob and Geno Salvatore, authors of The Stowaway. We’re the second stop on this tour, with a different website featured each day of this week. To visit the other sites, please check out the Blog Tour Schedule.


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Review: The Stowaway

Rating: ★★★☆☆
In my time, I’d say I’ve read my fair share of pirate novels in a variety of genres. Historical fiction and non-fiction, of course – but also comedy, self-help, sci-fi… even mystery and instructional. But I didn’t much fathom the notion of reading a pirate book that was true, unadulterated fantasy. As in Dungeons&Dragons, Forgotten Realms type fantasy. Dark elves and trolls, demons and clerics – and yet that’s exactly what The Stowaway by R.A. Salvatore is.

The tale begins with a boy, Maimun, who’s being interrogated by pirates, and then continues with a series of flashbacks – recent and distant – that recount the tale of his life. And occasionally we return to the present for a brief glimpse at his pirate captor, who is indeed the sort of salty swab one would expect from a pirate novel of any genre. Continue reading