Rootjack and Pirates, Vikings & Knights (oh my!)

I’ve never played Half Life 2, and such is the depth of my shame. Actually, I don’t even know what Half Life is – I assume it’s a game about radioactive mutants. BUT, it’s also a game that can be modded, meaning other themes can be layered atop the game engine to make for something quite different – in this cast Pirates vs. Knights vs. Vikings. It’s just become an official Steam Mod, so now at last you can logon to a game as a pirate and kick some knight butt, or kick some butt of vikings (who are, afterall, an unholy crossbreed between the two.) Continue reading

Free Shipping on RootJack (Today Only!)

I wouldn’t normally post about a Cyber-Monday deal, but Rootjack (the exceptionally piratey rootbeer) is dreadfully hard to come by in local stores, so shipping is really the only way. And since shipping these days is so dreadfully expensive, FREE SHIPPING on the piratey-est rootbeer around would seem news worth sharing. You can order RootJack from Enter the code CYBERMONDAY for orders over $25 to qualify for free shipping!

Oh, and if you don’t already know about RootJack, check out our review.

Review: RootJack

rootjackorangeRating: ★★★★☆

It’s a well-accepted fact that root beer is the most piratey of all non-alcoholic beverages. If this is news to you, then you really need to play The Secret of Monkey Island┬áto further your piratey education. If you’ve already played Monkey Island but still dispute root beer’s soft-drink dominance over all piratedom, then you’re not as smart as I’d hoped (and likely not as good looking, either.)

RootJack is a new pirate energy drink from Voodoo Elixirs. Essentially orange flavored root beer with extra caffeine and guarana, RootJack makes no claims at fighting ghosts (again, see Monkey Island) – it does, however, fight scurvy thanks to a full day’s supply of vitamin C. So long, puffy gums, so long bleeding sores – RootJack makes it all better, and tastes pretty good alongside. Continue reading